Corey Kahn

Corey Kahn received a BFA in painting at The University of Kansas’ school of art. Undergraduate work also included, a year intensely focused on figures and classic technique, studying painting, in Florence, Italy.

After college, she lived in Prague, Czechoslovakia for two years, painting and exhibiting artwork. Her figurative work then focused on the human condition. While there, her interest in abstraction and expressionism expanded. Duality of the human condition, dark and light, were together as a whole.

Around this time, she began yearning to have a more direct impact on the human condition, in the actual world. The bridge to medicine was a natural extension from her art, and fit perfectly her desire to help others. She currently works as an artist and Emergency Physician in Southern Oregon, with a particular interest in international medicine and disaster relief work, and continues to explore the expression of living and dying.